Wednesday, 25 November 2009

The Mekong Delta and a Scooter Ride Up a Mountain

We left Sihanoukville this morning headed for the Vietnamese border town of Chau Doc. The bus ride was longish and a bit hairy at times, with some prolonged overtaking resulting in some rollercoaster style screams. We also did 17km on a red dusty dirt road which was pretty exciting what with the at times blind driving due to the dust! We arrived in Chau Doc just after lunch, got some cash (we're now both Dong millionaires, 31,000 Dong to the pound) and at 4pm went on a Moto Tour of the town which led us up a nearby mountain (Nui Sam). It was brilliant. After the initial fear of being on the back of a bike, we soon got into the swing of things, with Sara even filming a few choice bits of the ride from the back of her bike! From the top of the mountain we watched the sunset over the Mekong Delta. Everywhere you look there's water, it's quite surreal really. After a beer and some hammock related gymnastics in the mountain top bar, we headedc back down, tryng not to swallow too many flies. We're off shortly for our first experience of Vietnamese food, and then tomorrow, Ho Chi Minh City is an 8 hour bus ride away.

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  1. "Hairy Bikers" eat yer heart out - who needs a Harley?!
    Great to see the thumbs back in evidence Sara (eh J-P?!) - was beginnning to get concerned.. and ... that Girl Power seems to be in the ascendancy among modern adventurers! Glad you've got at least one male pal Louis - apart from your hosts ofcourse who look to be very happy chappies.

    White knuckle ride on the bus sounded very exciting (?!) though I have to say now I've seen the pictures that bus looks rather plush and comfortable - not what I was imagining at all - had visions of you being thrown around with asorted locals,chickens etc on some rickety old thing (been watching too many old films i guess) you are obviously on the posh tour!