Saturday, 24 April 2010

We're going to the Amazon!

We've been in La Paz a few days now and were planning where to go from here before we meet up with Em and Dom in Buenos Aires on the 6th May, when we met up with a friend from uni, Chris, who suggested a Pampas tour, which is a trip to the Amazon. We've had a look and we're going! We're still traveling with Caroline and Charlotte, two English girls, and Sandra and Sofie from Denmark who are all great. It was thanks to them that we all laughed our way through the vomit bus from hell! So come Tuesday we'll be of to Rurrenabaque from where we head into the Jungle.

La Paz itself is a great city, although very busy and very polluted. We've explored a bit, and were stunned by the view of a snowy capped mountain that you get as you cross over one of the main roads! Yesterday we went to the "Witches" market, where you could by all sorts of "witchy" type stuff, the most obvious being a dried llama foetus which you bury under your patio/front door for all sorts of witchy benefits. These freaky things were of course sold by the ubiquitous traditionally dressed Bolivian women with their bowler hats, plaits and frilly skirts.

Although we didn't buy a dried llama, we did get a load of other bits and bobs, scarves, woolies etc ready for Patagonia. Some of the stuff is lovely and it's all reasonably cheap, so coupled with the fact that a place to stay here is a bargain, we've felt less like backpackers and more like tourists on holiday which has made a change!

Anyway, we're off to pay for our jungle adventure!

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  1. Excitinger and excitinger!!.. to misquote Lewis Caroll..
    Liking the pic of you, Louis, in your Indiana Jones hat with your female entourage in tow - or maybe Theseus and his famous Amazons (the female warriors not the short men with blow-pipes!)

    Unfortunately Sara I also now, for some reason, have a picture of you in my head with your hair plaited, wearing a frilly skirt and bowler hat!(Guess we can thank Mr Jones for that)

    So all that is left to say (to continue with this rather bizarre collection of cinematic references) is "Carry-On up the Amazon" guys! Amazing..