Sunday, 17 January 2010


It's 4.17 am and we're sat (well, Sara's fast asleep on a big sofa thing, covered with her scarf and with an eyemask on, I wish I could take a photo but she's sleeping on the camera!) in Darwin airport waiting to get on another little 3 hour flight to Cairns! Nearly there! I wish we could say we'd seen a kangaroo already but we haven't.

We had to stay an extra night in Singapore - our flight was cancelled or some such nonsense, still, we were put up in a 4* hotel in the city centre with meals included - an amazing buffet which had everything from local stuff to roasties to lobster. Hopefully the rest of our journey is as uneventful as the first bit, though the stopover is a bit of a pain and doesn't seem to serve any purpose!

We'll catchup with some of the other stuff asap - it's all in the journal! Oh, and all our photos are up, although we've not edited them so expect 3 or 4 of the same thing - usually us blinking/squinting like moles having taken our sunglasses off.

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  1. (Oh no! She's back!) But Where are you? - Not still waiting for a plane to Cairns I hope! Hopefully your recent misfortunes are behind you and feet and tonsils are back in good working order (don't think getting delayed in a four star hotel with abundant banquets really counts as misfortune!)Hopefully you are now chilling out and enjoying yourselves in true Aussie fashion...Have been living on Aussie time myself for the last 10 days or so thanks to Eurosport televising the Aussie Open ( tennis) at gad-awful times of night (sad.. I know!) .. Perhap not quite as good as experiencing it first hand but if you turn the heating up and crack open a bottle of Wolf Blass you can almost forget about freezing Blighty!

    New pics continue to fascinate - though I think you were slightly underplaying the repetition element - I'm sure I counted at least a hundred pictures of that tiger (beautiful and rare creature tho he/she is)!

    Look forward to hearing the adventure in Oz so far - though I understand if your finding it hard to drag yourself away from the beach the barbies and the ubiquitous tinnies! xx