Wednesday, 3 February 2010

It's been too long!

Sorry one and all, it's been far too long since the last post! Right, here's what we've done!

Been to the Barrier Reef from Cairns and snorkeled there.

Sat at Mission Beach deciding that we didn't want to skydive after all - doing it in the rain left physical damage on some fellow travelers!

Stopped at Townsville to go to Magnetic Island where we saw an Achidna wandering about our hostel.

Stayed at Airlie Beach before going on a 2 night sailing adventure round the Whitsunday Islands and seeing the 2nd Best beach in the world, loads of little Nemo's, the odd turtle and assorted other fish types...

Headed to Rainbow beach, from where we went to Fraser Island on a 3 day camping 4x4 driving safari. I was the only one the got the car stuck in sand - I'm quite proud. A Dingo chased a German girl, and it pissed down with rain...

Stopped in Noosa to check out the surf dudes and dudettes...

And Now we're in Brisbane, finally in the sun. The recurring them so far has in fact been rain, with only 2 days before today where it hasn't rained. We're loving it here, although still missing Asia a little bit, but hopefully a bit more sun will see to that! Anyway, more will follow soon, although Australia doesn't have wifi everywhere and I'm too tight to pay. On that note, my 4 dollars is running out...until next time!

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