Wednesday, 12 May 2010

The Ends Of The Earth

We arrived today in Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world. It's not as cold as England! We flew in over some incredible mountains and then headed up to the Glacier Martial - not as impressive as Franz Josef in NZ but still icy and something special! The walk up to the glacier was supposed to be a ride in a chairlift - the surrounding area becomes a ski-piste come the snow, but unfortunately it wasn't working so we wandered up instead. A little wolfy/husky type puppy followed us up which was fun, we called him/her Jeff/Petunia.

Today we went to the Tierra Del Fuego national park, where we went on a coastline hike for 4 hours, with the most amazing views of snowpeaked mountains stretching right down to the crystal clear water. The weather was perfect, with a bit of sun and no rain until we were having a cup of tea at the meeting point for the shuttle back, it was ideal! We may have seen a whale, we're not sure, but it was definitely surrounded by seals and all sorts of sea birds. Later on we saw some large scavanger birds along with what was apparently a buzzard - i'm turning into a pigeon fancier.

It's the off season here at the moment, so some of the activities aren't happening, we wanted to kayak but the companies aren't running any kayak trips at the moment so we're off to El Calafate tomorrow on a bus that'll take us in and out of Chile, on a ferry and then overnight to EC. We might look to change our flight back to BA so we can have bit more time in the sun once we're all glaciered out!

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