Saturday, 15 May 2010

Glacier Tomorrow!

Enough said really, we're all really excited! We're doing a trek on the Perito Merino glacier, it's going to be awesome. Then on to El Chalten for a night where we'll hike fr a coouple of days around and about the national park at the foot of Mount Fitz Roy, and then we're back to El Calafate and flying back to BA, leaving the others to make their way North. We'll be going from a glacier to the tropics in three days. We're so excited!

Also here are some more photos of BA and Ushuaia, the Glacier Martial and the Tierra del Fuego national park, click on the pictures for the albums!


  1. It's ALL awesome! Can't tell you how uplifting and inspiring I am finding this! (although I think you've probably gathered that at this stage!)

    The dancing photos take you back to another age - even before my time! Kinda reminds me of Cuba and Graham Green again for some reason - old colonial days..

    Still ahhing over your doggie friend! Had to do a double take at one pic of who I assume is cousin Dom - towering over everyone - thought "he must be enormous" then realised he was standing on a bench.. derrr!

    Have a brilliant time and guess we'll see you both on the beach next time! x

  2. P.S. Congratulations to Chelsea fans far and wide on the Cup and the Double win today! ..thought that had to have a mention!